18 October 2021


Great to Partner with Galliford Try & Northumbrian Water on Asset Management Design Sprint.Galliford Try have a compelling passion and vision on asset management. GT believe there are significant opportunities to better leverage cutting edge technology to improve asset management. Northumbrian Water are always looking to improve and certainly dive head first into the innovation festival

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22 September 2021

Institute of Water Annual Conference

Chairing Opening Panel Discussion & Closing Event at the Institute of Water Annual Conference.Absolute pleasure to join the Institute of Water annual conference in Portsmouth (22-24th Sept 2021). Big thank you to Bob Taylor (CEO, Portsmouth Water & President, Institute of Water) for the invitation to chair the opening panel discussion and deliver an interactive/fun conference closing

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29 July 2022


Evolve8 love working with our friends at Ryder Architecture. Ryder are a very progressive organisation who are always looking to get better. This certainly extends to their very clear focus on making greater positive contributions to the environmental challenge. It was a pleasure partnering with

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30 June 2021

Ward Hadaway - Maximising Culture, Minimising Conflict & Managing Grievances

It was a pleasure partnering with Hollie Ball, Ward Hadaway employment lawyer - to design and deliver a webinar training on Maximising Culture, Minimising Conflict and Managing Grievances for charities. Charities attract employees who are passionate about their purpose and cause, which has huge

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01 June 2021

The future of training round table

Awesome Discussion on the Future of Training at BIM Academy round table.We were delighted to join a round table discussion on the future of training with fellow training thought leaders from different sectors. The opportunity to listen and learn how other top trainers approach helping their clients was super interesting. It is clear that the really great trainers have

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01 March 2021


Stress is awful but for many people its avoidable.I get very frustrated when I see friends and clients getting stressed. I don't get frustrated with the person, as I know that up to 3 out of 4 of us experience stress and struggle to manage it. I get frustrated that people are suffering in this way when there are many simple and powerful ways to

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18 December 2020


NWG Psychology of Innovation & Success Christmas Workshop & Quiz.Great finish to the year with the awesome Northumbrian Water innovation ambassador team. Dr Angela MacOscar wanted to thank the fantastic NWG innovation team for their outstanding effort in what has been a difficult year. Angela wanted something a bit different - a christmas workshop which would

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27 November 2020

Partnering with Ward Hadaway to Build Resilient Businesses

Top Tips for Building a Resilient Business.It was pleasure partnering with Ward Hadaway to share our advice on how to build a resilient business. Dr Chris Barclay (Evolve8 Coaching) was joined by two of our clients, Dr Amy Smith (Head of HR at CPI) and Dr Ian Smith (Investor Relationship Manager at CPI). The webinar focussed on the core

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03 November 2020


TOP TIPS FOR CREATING A RESILIENT BUSINESS (by Dr Chris Barclay, Evolve8 Coaching).Every business experiences challenge. Some appear to manage challenges with ease, while others struggle. The resilience of your workforce and business is the key factor which determines how you manage challenges. Resilience enables individuals, teams and companies to manage even the toughest

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17 September 2020


Helping Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) Get Even Better at Innovating. Womble Bond Dickinson are a highly succesfull and progressive global law firm who want to ensure they embed and embrace innovation in everything they do. We enjoyed designed and running an interactive and productive daily dash

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20 August 2020


Dr Chris Barclay on Training for the Future RIBA Panel. RIBA Practice Clinics are a fantastic forum for developing and growing the UK archictecture community. We were delighted to share our perspective on training for the future and staff development. The world is always changing and the skills

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08 July 2020


The world is facing a huge challenge and we will overcome it by doing the right things. Thank you to Bimacademy (@GrahamKellyBIM) for inviting us to share our perspective today on how to create a digital culture that adds real value to your business. A strong digital culture is a powerful people

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04 June 2020


Navigating New Normal. The pandemic has created a new reality and there are many new challenges to overcome. Dr Chris Barclay (Evolve8 Founder) spoke to Rachel McBryde, McBryde and Co about how we can use resilience and growth mindset to successfully navigate this challenging time. Here are Rachels

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10 May 2020


How To Digitise Your Business. By Dr Chris Barclay (Founder & Director Evolve8) & Dr Graham Kelly (Consultant at Evolve8, Director BIM Academy). These are very challenging times and we want to share our digital culture learnings and insights, to help as you’re deciding how to move forward.

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01 May 2020


Digital Culture Builds Resilience. By Dr Chris Barclay (Founder & Director Evolve8) & Dr Graham Kelly (Consultant at Evolve8, Director BIM Academy). The world is facing a huge challenge and we will overcome it by doing the right things. In difficult times, Resilience enables us to manage

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16 April 2020


Change or Be Changed By Dr Chris Barclay (Founder & Director Evolve 8 Coaching) “ZOOM” use to be, what children shouted while they raced around the garden. “TEAMS” use to be, Liverpool and Manchester City (and many other great onesJ). This has all changed! Change often seems uncontrollable,

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02 April 2020


Resilience is a Superpower.The world is facing a huge challenge. Understandably there is a lot of worry and anxiety. We all need to do the right things with real discipline to overcome this challenge. How we perceive the challenges we face really matters and has significant impact on our mental well-being. In difficult times

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20 March 2020

Resilience To Overcome Global Challenge We Face (Webinar)

Overcoming the Challenge We Face (Webinar).The world is facing a huge challenge. Understandably there is a lot of worry and anxiety. OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGE We all need to do the right things to overcome this challenge. How our teams and businesses perceive challenges really matters. In difficult times, RESILIENCE is a super-power, as it

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11 March 2020

FUTUREBUILD 2020 LONDON - Digital Culture Really Matters

Digital Change Requires Right Mindset.Digital change is happening all around us every day. It has changed the way we work, live and is not slowing down. The construction industry has changed the world and BIM is the big opportunity to achieve more. BIM success depends on us working together to strengthen our digital capability and

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27 February 2020

FUTUREBUILD 2020 LONDON - 4th March on Digital Impact Stage

Digital is Changing the World - So Can BIM.Looking forward to our founder, Dr Chris Barclay speaking at Futurebuild 2020 in ExcelLondon - On how Digital is Changing the world and so can BIM. Please join us on 4th March at the Digital Impact Stage if your in town.

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13 February 2020


We loved working with the great VINDOLANDA TRUST team on how to create an awesome customer experience.Every one of us is a customer. Every one of us knows what awesome customer service looks and feels like. Every one of us has sadly experienced poor customer service and we don't forget it. Taking the time to explore and understand the fundamental building blocks of customer service is a powerful

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31 January 2020


Great working with NWG (Northumbrian Water Group) and Urban Green Newcastle on how to FACILITATE awesome meetings and creative sessions.At Evolve8 Coaching we use novel techniques to activate the brain and increase learning and love to share our know how to help others. Fantastic to see the strong partnership between these 2 important organisations. Big thanks to Angela MacOscar and Eddie Wrigley (NWG)

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13 January 2020

RESILIENCE BUILDING WITH CPI HR and L&D TEAM. (Centre for Process Innovation)

Resilience Really Matters!Resilience helps individuals and organisations deal with life and work opportunities and challenges much better. It increases overall well-being and it is a smart business choice. Absolute pleasure working with the awesome CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) HR and L&D team on how to strengthen

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04 December 2019


Evolve8Coaching & BIM Academy ran engaging workshop on digitising your business.Contech 2019 (London) great event with engaging and passionate people and discussions on how to utilise technology for maximum benefit in construction . Evolve8Coaching & BIM Academy partnered on a workshop, to share our significant experience on digitising business. Many thanks to the

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07 November 2019


Innovating with RIBANorthEast YAPF Architects.We really enjoyed talking innovation with great team of innovative architects from across the region. As we all see everyday in the world around us, architecture is a very innovative discipline. We shared innovation best practice from other sectors and it was great to see the teams high engagement

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01 October 2019

Four Steps To Overcoming Digital Paralysis

FOUR STEPS TO OVERCOMING DIGITAL PARALYSIS. By Peter Barker, Partner at Ryder Architecture, Consultant at Evolve8 and Visiting Professor at Northumbria University.Many organisations are confronting the daunting challenges of competitive crowded markets, narrowing profit margins and global economic volatility. On top of this there is the nagging fear that their competitors are forging ahead through smarter engagement in the digital revolution. An inertia

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20 September 2019

Implementing Organisational BIM through Change Management

Dr Graham Kelly, Director BIM Academy and Consultant at Evolve8.BIM Academy has worked with several organisations over the last eight years who are looking to drive value through implementing BIM. These organisations have consisted of design teams, contractors, large estate owners, councils and large multinationals. All with very different management structures

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04 September 2019


Essex & Suffolk HQ Chelmsford.Essex & Suffolk Water understand the value of strong facilitation skills. We enjoyed running an interactive workshop to help the team understand and develop the fundamentals skills and structure that strong facilitators use. Great job by the team designing and running their own facilitated

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16 July 2019


GT3 Architects Innovative Headspace Event in York.Beautiful day for the GT3 Architects annual Headspace event in York. We explored innovation & creativity with the team through an engaging and fun workshop. High engagment from the team and great to see the rich creative output. Awesome day and big thanks for organising the sun GT3.

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10 July 2019


Another Awesome Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival.It was a great pleasure to help the creativity of the design sprint participants. We presented perspective on 2 critical topics to every business: 1)Innovation & Collaboration. 2)Customer Engagement. Great to see the high engagement and looking forward to next year.

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07 June 2019


Resilient People are Happy & Productive.Gardiner Richardson recognise the many life and work benefits of being more resilient. We explored how to understand personal and team resilience and shared our simple spring methodology which helps strengthen both and better manage lifes little and big challenges. Loved working with the awesome GR

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14 May 2019

Ryder Architecture Passionate About Industry Reinvention

Ryder London Event Asks Data Rich - Data Why.Ryder architecture brought together industry leaders to explore data and how the industry can better use it to drive positive change. We partnered with Ryder, to create an interactive workshop to explore data and identify the big opportunities. Great energy in the room from the many thought leaders

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08 May 2019

Northumbrian Water Value Facilitation Skills

Strong Facilitation Skills Enable Organisations.Northumbrian Water understand the value of strong facilitation skills. It was a pleasure to design and run a series of interactive workshops to help the team better understand and develop the fundamentals skills and structure that strong facilitators use. Great job by the team designing and running

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21 March 2019

Renolit Management Team Strengthen Team Dynamics

Working With Auxin OKR Partners.Partnering with Auxin OKR we explored team dynamics with the Renolit business management team. Great to help a highly capable team explore management best practice and how they can add even more value together. Great team and wish you lots of future success.

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14 February 2019


Amey Consulting HQ in London.Pleasure to design and run an engaging and insightful program with our partners BIM Academy, for the Amey Consulting board at HQ in London. The workshop was a great forum to sharpen 1on1 discussions with board members, into well defined strategic focus areas. It is always very satisfying, when a

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23 January 2019

Surge Management Team Think Big

Great Partnering With Dynamic Surge Management Team.Surge have made a very fast business impact and it is not surprising when you meet the management team. The team have chosen to intentionally keep growing their managment skills and know how, so they are equipped and able to develop and grow Surge. Absolute pleasure to work with such a fired up

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06 December 2018

SwimNE Celebrate Winning Prestigious National Award

Helping SwimNE Celebrate Winning England Swim School of 2018.It was a real pleasure to spend time celebrating with the SwimNE team. We often refer to our global management experience to build credibility with clients. Today felt a bit different and we wanted to pay tribute to the awesome work SwimNE do teaching thousands of kids to swim. Much to the relief

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05 October 2018

Rocket X Awesome Managers

Rocket X Understanding Needs Before Defining TrainingIt is really important to spend quality time understanding and defining managers training needs in order to get a great return on investment. We partnered with the Rocket X managers, to define key training focus areas, then they dived into developing and strengthening the skills and behaviours they

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07 October 2018

Resilience for A Better Life

Resilience makes a big positive impact on our work & life if we use it - but sadly we are not always sure how to use it. It was a real pleasure to join great presenters, at the Geordie Heroes Finale at St Marys Heritage Centre, to share our thoughts on Resilience for a Better Life. Resilience

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10 August 2018

How Do We Make Customers FANS FOR LIFE

Is it possible. Is it an oxymoron, in fast changing market place.Recently I was asked to talk @NorthumbrianH2O #Innovationfestival18 on the Customers as Fans for Life sprint. I immediately accepted as I have huge passion on this topic, as I really want to see all companies and brands do the stuff that makes each of us, fans for life. So back to the question on

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09 July 2018

Singapore and Back To Start Evolve8 Coaching – PRESS RELEASE

"Leaving the security of a Corporate Multinational should have felt scary but instead it was exciting!".Chris Barclay recalls the moment when living in Singapore, he decided to move home to the North East and start the coaching company he had been planning in his head for years. Evolve8 Coaching begin their start up business adventure this week at the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival in

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09 July 2018

Today is Awesome & Tomorrow Better

We are excited to launch Evolve8 Coaching @NorthumbrianH2O #Innovationfestival18 this week.We are sharing our thoughts to help the discussion on 3 event big themes: Customers as Fans for Life Future of Transport Creating the Perfect Water Company It is interesting, 3 such different topics have key elements in common - they are all about us and our needs (as customers) & they all

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