Resilience Training

There is no better time than now to build resilience. Resilience at work is a superpower, as it helps individuals, teams and companies manage even the toughest challenges effectively. Our bespoke resilience training helps your organisation enjoy the many work and life benefits of becoming more resilient.

Through a tailored resilience course designed to reflect the needs of your team and business, we will help you understand how resilience really works, explore how resilient you are currently and provide important insights and techniques on how to strengthen both organisational and personal resilience. Our simple and effective SPRING methodology gives you the know-how and ability to prepare and respond positively to life and work’s little and big challenges.

At Evolve 8 Coaching, we’ve delivered successful resilience training sessions to clients, including the Centre for Process Innovation and Gardiner Richardson.

With high quality, tailored course materials delivered by expert trainers, we receive outstanding client feedback on our resilience workshops, with 100% of participants rating them as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. For more information on our resilience training including detailed client feedback and an example webinar workshop outline, please see our downloadable resources below.

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