Team & Manager Training

At Evolve 8 Coaching, we help managers and teams develop skills, partner on opportunities and overcome challenges to deliver great business results, whilst enjoying working with each other. Our management training courses help managers understand and develop the behaviours and skills to effectively lead and motivate their teams. Our team building training courses enable entire teams to understand and identify development areas and grow their capability. Our simple but effective ONE TEAM methodology enables the development of high performing teams with highly effective managers and teams, delivering increased productivity and job satisfaction.

We offer bespoke team and manager training across a wide range of business critical topics, including:

Leadership and management training

High performance team training

Communication skills training

Coaching and mentoring training

Facilitation training

Our expert team have significant global management and coaching experience and this enables us to deliver exceptional bespoke training courses. We’re very proud of our conisistently positive client feedback with 100% client satisfaction and 96% of participants rate our training as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ (for more information see downloadable resources).    


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We’d be delighted to discuss how our team and management training courses could help your organisation. To find out more, call us on 0191 303 7287 or email


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