Change Management Training

Change is happening to all of us, all the time. More than ever, businesses need an effective change management strategy to be successful. Our change management training courses help you make the organisational changes you need to be competitive and successful in the ever more demanding marketplace.

At Evolve 8 Coaching, we create bespoke change management workshops and training sessions designed around your organisation’s individual needs. With a diverse team of highly experienced trainers, we take pride in creating and delivering courses based on a deep understanding of your business and team, their needs and the types of organisational change you are facing.

We will help you understand how individuals and organisations process change. Also how techniques including start and end with why, cocreation, acknowledging challenges and motivating enabers – enable fast and effective change. Our simple and effective ADAPT methodology helps your organisation understand the need for change and how to enable it through a simple and effective change management process.

For more information on our change management webinar program and approach please see downloadable resource below.

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