Evolve8Coaching & BIM Academy ran engaging workshop on digitising your business.


Contech 2019 (London) great event with engaging and passionate people and discussions on how to utilise technology for maximum benefit in construction


Evolve8Coaching & BIM Academy partnered on a workshop, to share our significant experience on digitising business. Many thanks to the participants for high engagement in the session.     


We believe key fundamentals are needed to enable the construction industry to truly maximise the many benefits of technology:       

By Dr Chris Barclay (Evolve8 Coaching) & Dr Graham Kelly (BimAcademy).


1) Partner construction experts with technology experts to identify the genuine opportunities/needs and then the technology solutions.

Watch out thinking these 2 important experts are the same – they are not!


2) Learn and reapply technology best practice from other sectors.

Connect with other sectors and develop construction technology strategy based on successful models.  


3) Only use technology where it truly adds value.

Don’t use technology as sticky plaster or work around for issues that need other fixes i.e. improved culture, procurement, communication etc.    


4) People power technology.   

People and culture are key to selecting and adopting the right digital strategies so please don’t overlook them. 


We love helping organisations digitise business as the people and business benefits can be huge!   


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