Awesome Discussion on the Future of Training at BIM Academy round table.

We were delighted to join a round table discussion on the future of training with fellow training thought leaders from different sectors. 

The opportunity to listen and learn how other top trainers approach helping their clients was super interesting. It is clear that the really great trainers have a deep knowledge of their subject and truely understand delivery and learning best practice.   

Lets take the current situation of hybrid working as an example. Hybrid working has changed how training is being delivered and some believe this change to virtual training will be permanent.      


I worked in a global corporate organisation for 20years. Much of the work was done virtually but we always understood the huge value of getting together face to face in a room.

Please don't be tempted to assume virtual is the new way to train as it has some big watchouts. When you are setting up training it is critical to understand when virtual will work well and when it won't. Please get in touch if you would like to know more on this very important training consideration.         

Big thanks for the invitation BIM Academy. Great session and lots of food for thought.

Life is Good:)

Dr Chris Barclay   



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