Resilience is a Superpower.

The world is facing a huge challenge. Understandably there is a lot of worry and anxiety. 


We all need to do the right things with real discipline to overcome this challenge. How we perceive the challenges we face really matters and has significant impact on our mental well-being. 


In difficult times, RESILIENCE is a SUPERPOWER. 


Resilience enables individuals, teams and companies to manage the toughest challenges. Evolve8 Coaching want to help as many people as we can, grow their resilience, so they can better manage this challenge. 


In this article we share resilience building techniques and hope they are helpful. Good luck building and using your resilience superpowers, to get through this with good mental health.   



How you perceive a situation, is your reality for that situation. This is why people can see the same situation differently (one sees a challenge, another an opportunity). It is important to realise, you can choose how you perceive and manage any situation.

I am choosing to perceive what is happening in the world, as something we will overcome and be stronger, rather than focussing on how worrying it is. I take this approach because I know worrying will not impact the outcome and negatively impact mental health. This approach takes practice and it enables you to perceive any challenge as an opportunity. 

Q. What perception could you change to improve your reality?  




When a top athlete takes a world cup winning penalty kick or putt to win golfs British Open, they do not focus on the millions of people watching and the huge disappointment if they miss. The pressure of thinking like this would negatively affect their performance and mental health. Instead they focus on a process they have done successfully thousands of times before in practice (using displacement). 

I am choosing to focus on enjoyment of the new daily routines – work at home, improve the business, reading to keep learning, fun with family, classic sports events on television, glass of red wine etc. These are things I enjoy, have done thousands of times before and are better for my mental health, than worrying about the impact of the virus.       

Q. What could you focus on to displace concerns or negative thoughts?  




When we look at art in a picture frame, some see something wonderful, while others disagree and do not like it. The way we look at challenges in life and work is exactly the same. We can choose to focus on the negative or we can positively reframe to focus on the merits of any challenge and our ability to overcome it. Consistently thinking about the impact of the virus will cause worry and anxiety. 

I am choosing to focus on the positives, great progress to reduce the spread, awesome health care workers and expert scientists working to overcome the challenge. Positive reframing approach can be used to deal with the many challenges you will face.   

Q. What situations can you positively reframe? 




This is a very challenging time, like no other we have faced. It is normal to be worried and anxious; however, worrying will not change the outcome. This may sound strange, please try to be more comfortable being uncomfortable, by practicing the resilience building techniques shared. This is a very difficult time; however, remember the way we think (our resilience) is the greatest tool we have to overcome this challenge in good mental health.             

Q. How can you get better at being comfortable being uncomfortable?



It is important in these very challenging times that we all build and use our RESILIENCE SUPERPOWERs and remember LIFE IS GOOD.  


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Good luck and stay safe.  

Dr Chris Barclay



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