Is it possible. Is it an oxymoron, in fast changing market place.

Recently I was asked to talk @NorthumbrianH2O #Innovationfestival18 on the Customers as Fans for Life sprint.

I immediately accepted as I have huge passion on this topic, as I really want to see all companies and brands do the stuff that makes each of us, fans for life.
So back to the question on Fans for Life and whether it’s possible.
It is most definitely possible! It is absolutely not an Oxymoron!

But and there really is a BIG BUT…
Many companies & brands, sadly, struggle to make this reality. Absolutely not a criticism, running a company & brand is tough & there are many competing priorities.

So, how do you achieve Customers as fans for life.
The answer is very easy to say in just 3 words…
But it takes a huge amount of effort, focus, know how and determination to achieve it.

You are probably wondering what the 3 words are and maybe even getting creative and coming up with some...

Focus on designing and delivering an AWESOME CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE & you will have Customers as Fans for Life. Doing this well requires deep understanding of your customers. Creativity and innovation to make you different and significantly better than your competitors.

Some companies and brands do this incredibly well and I was privileged to be part of such a company for many years. I’m sure you can all think of companies & brands who you will be a Fan for life and you know why…

Question - Do Apple focus on delivering AWESOME CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
Are Apple successful. Is there a link

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