Communication Skills Training

Strong communication is essential for building high performing teams – being able to handle challenging conversations confidently, give effective feedback, receive feedback constructively are all important skills for managers and team members alike. This is why communication skills training is a vital part of all our team and management development training and critical for every business. We support individuals and groups to develop a range of highly effective communication skills which help them overcome challenges and maximise opportunities.

For new or developing managers, managing challenging conversations is a common training need. We provide specialist ‘difficult conversations’ training sessions to help team leaders and managers increase their confidence and deliver improved outcomes in challenging situations.

For managers and team members, giving and receiving effective feedback is critical to improve performance. We offer bespoke ‘giving and receiving feedback’ training sessions, to help teams communicate more effectively and build strong, positive working relationships.

The importance of communication skills is reflected in the high number of our clients who have benefitted from this built into larger training programs – these include Surge, Rocket X, Northumbrian Water, Essex and Suffolk Water.


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