High Performance Team Training

At Evolve 8 Coaching, we know it’s not enough to train managers and expect the full team to deliver the business results you need. We work with entire teams, delivering bespoke team building training courses to improve your team’s skill, capability and performance.

At Evolve 8 Coaching, we work closely with your business to understand your needs and create a bespoke team development training that will help your managers and team members work more effectively together, improve motivation, engagement and achieve stretching objectives. 

Our highly experienced trainers have strong track records in management and coaching, a deep understanding of the strategies, skills and behaviours required to build high performing teams. We’ve worked with companies including the Vindolanda Trust and Renolit to deliver teamwork training courses to help them expand their capabilities and work more effectively as a high performance team. For more information on our client feedback see downloadable resources. 


Ready to talk?

We’d be delighted to discuss how our teamwork training could help your organisation. To find out more, call us on 0191 303 7287 or email info@evolve8coaching.com.


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